Welcome To R.E.E. & Associates

R.E.E & Associates delivers complete computer solutions for large corporations, small businesses, or individuals in the greater Los Angeles area.

Staff Certifications Include:
  • Microsoft ®
  • CompTIA Security+ ®
  • CompTIA A+ ®
  • Cisco ®
  • IBM ®
  • Dell ®
  • Hewlett Packard ® and more
We bring resolution quickly and efficiently to computer issues that affect your company's productivity.

We Are:
  • Aware of the changing technology needed to fix today's complex computers.
  • Up-to-date through on-going training.
  • Continuing to meet top quality standards of technical support.
Our Pledge:
As a member of the greater Los Angeles business community, we adhere to a Code of Ethics. Our pledge is to provide you service with honesty, integrity, efficiency, and professionalism.

Our Vision:
We are here - Quite Simply - to provide the finest possible assistance.

Our Skills

Computer & Printer Support

100% 60% Complete

Web Services for Advertising

100% 60% Complete

Strategic Planning for your Business

100% 60% Complete

Documentation and Training

100% 60% Complete

Our Services

Business Solutions: Installation of new computers, printers, all new hardware and software. Trouble Shooting your existing systems and reporting findings to give alternative solutions. Repair of all hardware and software* in house. Maintanance of your systems so you don’t have to think about it.
Home Solutions: Hardware (including computers, monitors, printers, Modems, Routers or other devices). Software (operating systems, Microsoft products, or other software). Network solutions (including wireless networking).